About Us

At Fastrading, we offer traders seamless trading tools and educational resources to equip themselves in the fast-paced financial markets. We deliver a comprehensive asset portfolio, including Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and Indices. And over the years of operation, we built an extensive deep pool of liquidity, ensuring that traders have access to low market rates that accrue no commission.

Fastrading - a Reputable Broker

Fastrading is owned by Fastrading Ltd., a reputable company. Since we have been in the industry for the past 20 years, we adhere strictly to all international operation standards to safeguard our traders’ funds and data.

Our Vision

Our core vision lies in empowering traders with trading tools and high-end technology to achieve their financial goals. At Fastrading, we believe:

Fastrading Mission

In a continuously moving market like the financial market, we align ourselves with the industry’s dynamism by expanding our technology to offer the best trading conditions for all.

Human Touch

We see our traders as human and not just numbers, which allows us to relate with them and treat them well. From the very moment they sign up on our platform, we treat them with care and respect- ever looking for what will make them grow

Quality in Innovation

We are a technology-driven broker that uses high-end innovations to provide solutions for traders. With our innovative trading and educational tools, traders can trade with more confidence.

Fastrading Ethos

The core of our services is built on innovation, integrity, and professionalism. And by having these three as our ethos, we have built our company to a reputable standard where traders feel safe and secure on the platform.

Trading Confidence

We offer our traders high-quality trading tools and innovative technology to boost their trading confidence with us. We make our trading environment very conducive and supportive to our traders; hence, our traders can trade at their pace with confidence.

Our Efficient Customer Service

Our team of customer service providers is professionals who are readily available to help you with any challenge you might encounter on the platform.

We are utterly professional at what we do. Hence, our team of customer care providers is well-trained to deliver the best professional services to traders. They are ready to help you with any challenge you might encounter on the platform. So you can’t be stuck on our platform, reach out to them.